superC Touch -- [ 2023.09.11] Full-color e-paper screen 2.0 SuperC-Touch helps panel manufacturers turn things around
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[ 2023.09.11] Full-color e-paper screen 2.0 SuperC-Touch helps panel manufacturers turn things around


Full-color e-paper screen 2.0 SuperC-Touch helps panel manufacturers turn things around

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Sep 11, 2023

SuperC-Touch is optimistic about full-color electronic paper and optimistically estimates that sales will grow 1,000 times compared to before. The picture shows the schematic diagram of electronic paper screens from the past, present and future, from black and white to full color. Picture/Provided by SuperC-Touch


Based on domestic and foreign electronic paper screen patent documents, SuperC-Touch's R&D and technical teams found new methods and recently released a new full-color electronic paper screen 2.0 solution, which not only purifies the pending problems in the industry but also provides the market with new options and new solutions. The patent portfolio and technical support will help panel manufacturers break away from the long-term constraints of technology and patents and make strides forward.

Process innovation is the key for SuperC-Touch to obtain this advanced patented technology. What triggers innovation is the good problem-awareness and problem-solving ability of SuperC-Touch's R&D and technical team. First of all, it has been 17 years since the black and white e-paper screen appeared in 2006. Full color cannot completely replace the black and white paper screen for e-book use. Why? Secondly, it is well known that e-paper and liquid crystal have completely different working principles and characteristics. If applied to the same framework, is it feasible to use electronic paper instead of liquid crystal?

Rich patents in the field, limited solutions

After reviewing the patent documents related to e-paper screens, nearly 600 domestic patents were obtained under the names of Yuantai, EINK, and SIPIX. SuperC-Touch pointed out that in the past, patent documents mentioned many problems in the field, which were quite diverse, enough to deter potential entrants from moving forward. However, a solution that can truly solve industrial and technical problems has not yet emerged.

Common problems in the past include initialization, image sticking, insufficient reflection coefficient, color filter reflection, color mixing, screen flickering, multi-color particle control, particle diffusion, particle accumulation wall, particle aggregation, DC imbalance, screen refresh, local screen refresh, driver noise, using too many driver ICs, etc.

Problem-oriented process innovation

After discussing and purifying existing problems, SuperC-Touch overturned the old process with new concepts and finally developed advanced technologies and solutions. SuperC-Touch invented the idea of ​​filling electronic ink directly into the display panel, replacing the traditional method of making electronic ink into electronic paper and then attaching it to the display panel. This will significantly reduce the cost of producing full-color electronic paper screens and quickly improve the display quality.

Therefore, SuperC-Touch skipped the e-paper manufacturing process and devoted all its efforts to improving the e-paper screen structure. At the same time, it applied the gap layer technology of the LCD panel to make the micro cups that make the e-ink film directly on the display panel. The full-color electronic paper screen is completed after filling in the electronic ink and attaching the upper and lower substrates. This was SuperC-Touch's first idea to enter the electronic paper field. Later, it proposed a number of solutions to the above-mentioned common problems.

The estimated effect is comparable to LCD screen

After several inferences and comparisons with existing products, the new solution is "comparable to LCD screens in terms of display effect, while retaining the advantages of super power saving and no damage to the eyes. In terms of cost, it is also far lower than the current e-paper solution. It is more efficient to improve color display quality, reduce costs, simplify production processes, and promote key tasks in the supply chain."

The SuperC-Touch R&D team stated that once the full-color e-paper screen can reach or exceed the LCD display level, it will have the opportunity to regain the market divided by the iPad and return to prosperity. It can be used on the second screen and can also enter mobile phones, laptops, and other markets. When placed on the back cover of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, you can watch the full-color e-paper screen outdoors, and use OLED or LCD screens indoors.

Patented technical support, promising future prospects

SuperC-Touch has currently mastered the improvement directions of six major full-color e-paper displays and developed a number of revolutionary innovative inventions. They will be released one after another at, leading the way in e-paper through complete technical disclosures. Industrial technology improvement. SuperC-Touch said that it welcomes all friends who care about the development of e-paper to learn how the new generation of e-paper technology will advance by leaps and bounds.

Based on the sales volume of less than 200,000 full-color e-paper readers in the past year (2022), SuperC-Touch optimistically estimates the market for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and replacement of original black-and-white e-readers. Sales of full-color e-paper screens can reach hundreds of millions, equivalent to a 1,000-fold growth.