superC Touch -- [ 2019.11.4] SuperC-Touch Starts Delivery of Capacitive Sensor SCT-S10G Samples to Customers
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[ 2019.11.4] SuperC-Touch Starts Delivery of Capacitive Sensor SCT-S10G Samples to Customers

SuperC-Touch Corporation, the capacitive sensing technology leader and the Ministry of Economics Innovation Technology Award Winner, announced today that it has started to deliver glass-type fingerprint sensor samples SCT-S10G to prospective customers.
“Over the past few months since our product press conference in March, we have remedied the design, optimized the process, and verified the reliability of the product. Now the sensibility and signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) of the product is way better than that in March, and the image quality is nearly impeccable. It also passed all the reliability test required and got certifications from CB(certification bodies). We are very proud to say that we have exited the engineering phase and we are ready to take customer’s mass production order. This product will shake up the market,” said Standly Lee, General Manager of SuperC-Touch.
Rather than using the wafer as carrier, SuperC-Touch’s SCT-S10G is made of TFT glass substrate, with the exclusive patented perturbation resonance technology, which is larger, thinner, lighter and much more price-friendly than the traditional wafer fingerprint identification sensor. The capture area is designed to meet FAP10 specifications. FAP10 is a standard format for biometric sensors used in government applications, which can acquire a full fingerprint image at one touch.
SCT-S10G delivers 508ppi, high quality image that can score 1 (excellent) in NFIQ score (NIST Fingerprint Image Quality) test for most of the scanned fingerprint images and can meet FBI’s PIV (Personal Identity Verification) biometrics specifications. It provides SPI Interface to communicate with the host system. The module is designed for integration into custom products including readers, notebooks, tablets, POS, locks etc.
Demo kit and development kit include source code are now available on request; sample order accepted